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The M.A.I. is THE meeting and networking place for international associations in Brussels, located in the heart of the European capital.

Coming to us means benefiting from an ecosystem dedicated to international associations. Our services fully meet their needs.

About fifteen organizations rent an office and more than fifty other associations are registered at our address.

Our meeting or seminar rooms are equipped with live-streaming and videoconferencing systems, translation booths and state-of-the-art technical installations.

Our affordable rates are adapted to the realities of associations. We are therefore the reference center for international associations in Brussels, by promoting partnerships and providing them with a conference center, officespostal address services.


Our partnerships with the Federation of International Associations established in Belgium (FAIB) and the Union of International Associations (UIA) allow you to benefit from valuable  informations and advice as well as networking opportunities. These institutions have their offices at the M.A.I.

FAIB Partenaire - Maison des associations internationales - M.A.I.

The FAIB is the Federation of European and International Associations established in Belgium.

It is a not-for-profit apolitical organization, that represents international associations from all walks of life.

FAIB’s mission is to:

  • Pursue every initiative
  • Represent its members
  • Obtain legal recognition of associations and the associative movement
  • Facilitate its member’s activities
  • Assist its members with joint studies, administrative and auxiliary services
  • Keep its members informed of developments in legal, administrative
UIA Partenaire - Maison des associations internationales - M.A.I.

Purpose and Objectives of UIA

The UIA serves two main purposes: to maintain and provide comprehensive, up-to-date, and reliable information on international associations, their activities and concerns, and their meetings activities; and to support and facilitate the work of international associations through training and networking opportunities.