MEasures COVID

Sanitary measure 2020

Picto masque covid - Maison des associations internationales - M.A.I.

Organiser guidelines

The COVID measures for the event organiser :

  • Everyone over the age of 12 is obliged to wear a face mask or any other fabric alternative in conference rooms and common areas. If this is not possible for medical reasons, a face shield can be worn. Face masks may only be removed for the time strictly necessary for the consumption of food and drink.
  • For each event, an online application (COVID Event Risk Model) has been made available. It is the responsibility of the organiser to fill in all the data in the application. The COVID Event Risk Model comes with a COVID Event Risk Model Protocol that enables you to assess whether your event can fulfil the required parameters.
  • The organiser ensures prior registration of all participants for possible tracing of contacts.
  • Any necessary tracing after the event has ended can also be performed much more efficiently if you have a database with which to work.
  • When creating and controlling a database, always take the applicable GDPR rules into account. Destroy the database after 30 days.
  • The organiser provides a person who closely monitors compliance with the COVID-19 rules throughout the event.
  • Encourage online registrations as much as possible.
  • Prior registration of participants to the event creates a more COVID-proof environment compared with no registration, especially if access control can be organised to facilitate identification/verification of every individual in the controlled event venue(s). If there is no prior registration in place, then we highly recommend that visitors and participants register on-site at the start of the event.
  • Prior to the start of the event, the organiser focuses on informing attendees about the measures and raising awareness about COVID-19 measures during the event.


Services temporarily suspended

  • Water in jugs in meeting rooms has been suspended.
  • Food and drinks are offered to participants in a controlled manner to exclude self-service as much as possible.
  • The beverage machines are handled by the reception staff.
  • To limit contact points, the collective coat racks are currently out of use.

As the wellbeing of our participants is among our primary concerns, appropriate hygiene and prevention means have been put in place, so to organise Covid-19 proof events.


Safety measures

  • We have limited the capacity of the rooms to allow participants to respect the recommended social distance of 1.5m.
  • We provide a videoconferencing and live streaming system in order to organise hybrid events.
  • Face masks are mandatory in meeting rooms and common areas.
  • Up-to-date instructions from the FPS Public Health are displayed at the entrance of our conference rooms.
  • The WHO recommendations for hand washing are posted in each bathroom.
  • Bottles of hydro alcoholic gel are available at the entrance to the conference centre, at the reception and at the main entrances of each room.
  • The recommendations and good practices for hand disinfection with hydro alcoholic gel are displayed on each of our distributors.
  • Floor stickers indicating the recommended social distance of 1.5m have been installed at the reception, in the corridor and at the entrances of the main rooms.
  • Floor stickers to facilitate the flow / movement of people has been installed in the corridor which gives access to the conference rooms.
  • Face masks can be purchased on site.

Sanitary measures at M.A.I.

The frequency of disinfectant cleaning has been reinforced since the start of the virus’s spread and all “at risk” contact areas are cleaned frequently during event :

  • Door handles, doors, switches are cleaned more frequently
  • The microphones and other technical equipment are cleaned after each event.
  • Tables and chairs will be regularly cleaned and disinfected.
  • All rooms are thoroughly cleaned before and after each event.
  • The toilets are cleaned more often.

Participant instructions

  • Do not come to the event if you have symptoms of illness.
  • Follow the instructions of the personnel and the directives posted at the place of the event.
  • Stand 1.5 meters from staff and other participants, except those in your group.
  • Limit your trips to what is strictly necessary during the event.
  • Cough or sneeze into your elbow or into a tissue that you immediately throw away in a bin with a lid (for example, in the toilet).
  • Ensure good hand hygiene and only touch the items you need.
  • Wearing a mask is compulsory in conference rooms.